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Road Safety Forum- Automotive Fair Albania

On June, 18 was held the Road Safety Forum. This Forum represented a unique possibility to discuss the importance of road safety in the technical and practical view of the experts in the field and representatives of local and foreign state institutions.
This forum provided participants with a practical understanding of how they can contribute to improving road safety and raising awareness on this issue of great public importance.

The objectives of this forum were:
• Knowledge of the best international practices and programs for road safety.
• Complete overview of opportunities and mechanisms to successfully develop innovative safe road mobility programs.
• Engagement of stakeholders for a common agenda of road safety, through cooperation of the public and private sector.

As an academy, GBI Health and Safety was part of this forum, and we had our Director of Training Department, who spoke on the safety techniques now a day. The main topics of the presentation: Road safety techniques, Mr. Ervin Dervishi, Director of Training Department, GBI Health and Safety Academy were focused on safety importance and the way each of us can provide better possibilities to improve road safety in Albania. Support to improve safe road use and risk management performance is required for all vehicle users.

GBi Health & Safety Academy deals with safe practices, development of technical consultancy, fleet management with the aim of optimizing costs for companies by improving road safety and much more.
All of these have a common goal, reducing the number of accidents and loss of lives on the road.

Defensive Driving Training module is a form of training for drivers that makes them aware of the rules of driving, standard driving practices and the required driving mechanics. Its main objective is to reduce the risk of driving by anticipating dangerous situations, unfavorable conditions or mistakes in the driving of others as well as how to eliminate bad habits acquired over the years.
Fleet management is one of the safe practices that have shown that through telematics vehicle monitoring equipment we can prevent, predict, educate and develop a road crop in the required standards