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Driving Instructor/Trainer
Heavy Vehicle 5 days training

This training session is intended for a group of 6 participants maximum.
Any person involved in truck or heavy vehicle driving or driving-related activities


  • Valid driver’s license, held for at least five years, matching the type of vehicle and country concerned.
  • International driver’s license (if training is to be delivered outside the country of residence).
  • Fluency in the language in which the training is provided.
  • Adequate level of educational attainment and computer skills.
  • Driving Assessor or equivalent certification.


  • To ensure that participants master basic pedagogical approaches.
  • To ensure participants can effectively teach course contents and objectives to other members of the company.
  • To ensure participants master the pedagogical methods associated with adult learning
  • To ensure participants have acquired the necessary knowledge on key topics such as the physiology of driving (reaction time, vision etc…)
  • To ensure that participants are fully autonomous in their delivery of Commentary Driving methods.

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